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Avian Wildlife Tracking

Sirtrack has an extensive range of avian tracking products to suit a broad range of avian wildlife from around the world. We make tracking devices starting as light as 0.9grams and upwards.

Tracking options:


avian-argosThe Argos system is a global satelilite location service delivering the transmitter's position and sensor data to the user´s desktop.

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avian-gpsSirtrack Global Positioning Systems (GPS) provide accurate location data and world-wide coverage for all kinds of terrestrial and avian wildlife research and management.

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Coded VHF

avian-coded-vhfCoded tags transmit a distinct, unique numerical code that differentiates it from all other tags, even those transmitting on the exact same frequency. This permits monitoring studies to be done on large groups of individuals using a single radio frequency.

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avian-vhfSirtrack make quality transmitters for a wide range of avian wildlife. Sirtrack transmitters can be used on birds as light as 30 grams.

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archivalArchival tags are capable of measuring and storing data on light levels. They then use that data to calculate the subject’s latitude and longitude using a process known as light-based geolocation.

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