Colin Hunter

colin hunterColin joined Sirtrack in 2003. Colin is a wildlife telemetry consultant who specialises in custom designed tracking solutions and technical product support. He has a degree in Engineering and previously worked for the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) in Scotland for 12 years. During his time there he developed pioneering instruments to track the movements and behaviour of marine mammals in the wild, and animal–borne oceanographic instruments to measure the environment the animals live in. Colin participated in fieldwork in the UK, subantarctic on South Georgia, and the Arctic around Spitsbergen. He possesses a keen understanding of how to use technology to answer biological questions and his main knowledge and passion is of marine animals and the plight of threatened and endangered species such as polar bears.

Job highlights:

GPS tracking of gannets in NZ; technical support for wildlife projects in Africa, India, Auckland Islands and the USA.

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